Choosing and executing the right media strategy is the only way to ensure you get full value for your advertising dollar. No matter how cost-effective your advertisement might be, it has to have the right environment to be effective for your business.

Helping you reach your direct target audience through strategic planning is what the experts at Red Marketing Australia do best. They will work with you to create a well-crafted campaign that will provide return on investment and help your business grow and succeed. Thanks to their long-standing and well-respected relationships with media buyers, they are able to provide clients access to some of the best rates available across today’s varied media forums.


Branding is one of the most important and valuable assets a business can have in today’s competitive market, which is why our branding specialists at Red Marketing Australia place extra emphasis in helping you create a compelling and effective brand identity.
We’re passionate about creating brands that have impact and promote company recognition with our sole focus being on raising our customers’ profiles to help them attract new business.

Whether you want to design a new look or revitalise an existing brand, our team are committed to providing a dynamic and effective branding campaign that is specifically designed to enhance your unique business needs.


Marketing has changed dramatically with the increase of digital and social media, where audience participation and awareness is growing at an enormous rate. Recognising the vast marketing capabilities of these mediums and harnessing the advertising potential of digital media is one of the specialities of the team at Red Marketing Australia’s marketing agency.

We can show you current ways to expand your market and reach a whole new range of clients by helping to get your business message out to potential customers. Our social media team is up to date on the most effective ways of tapping into this vast market.


There is no doubt today’s world is a visual one, which is why Red Marketing Australia has a team of specialists who are experts in effectively bringing your message across one of today’s largest-growing media platforms.

Not only do we specialise in a huge range of entertaining productions for television, websites and corporate functions, we also make sure our productions promote your business so you reach your desired audience while also attracting new customers.
From concept and script development through to pre-production planning, filming and editing, we work closely with you to deliver the highest-quality production to engage a large audience, enhance your image and leave viewers with a lasting impression of your business.


One of the first steps, if not the first step, to effectively market and advertise your business is to make sure you have your own unique signature across all your business needs, including logos, websites and advertisements.

Our savvy graphic designers have years of experience in the industry and are experts at creating custom-made designs that will complement your business while increasing your client base.

While we specialise in all aspects of design needs including logos, website design, advertisements and brochures, we also work closely with you along the way to ensure your business image catches the attention of new and existing customers.